Thursday, March 22, 2012

In the Quest of the Perfect Wedges

Of all things about shopping in Delhi, the one most annoying thing is that you just can't find a good pair of wedges that aren't exorbitantly priced. If you are willing to shell out a couple of grands over a single pair of shoes you might find something in one of the malls in South Delhi. But try going for some savings and you have to learn to grow some patience. And especially in my size (41-42/7.5) its almost next to impossible

I started wearing heels last year with a modest 4 inches glossy black gladiator stilettos. They still weren't quite my size. It took a gladiator like struggle to stuff my feet into them. Must thank my dear friend, 'Peach milk moisturizer' (More on this later)! But once in, they were the sexiest thing I ever walked in. There's just something about heels. Being able to balance on thin stick like contraptions and still walk sexy is whole other kind of enlightenment in itself. Not to mention how horny your ass feels popping out into the world swaying one cheek after the other.

The pain is a whole other aspect. I obviously die after like an hour of walking in them. I can't stand in one place and pay attention to some academic going on and on about politics without shifting my legs looking all impatiently fidgety to escape to the nearest bar and get drunk with random strangers. Well, I do want to escape out of the conversation most of the times. But hey, there's something called pretending to be nice to people.

Early on this year I was determined to get higher heels before my birthday. As this would be my first birthday as a single lady paying her own rent. And luckily I found these awesome pair of black pencil heeled platform boots. 6 inches! It sure is an experience to look horizontally in the eye to people who look like they have somehow evolved down from Eucalyptus trees. And guess where I found them. Yes. My best friend Saro!

But sadly another aspect of winter austerities is shoes. In winters its easier to tuck your feet somehow into closed boots. But for summer you want to wear something open and minimalistic. And I am always one size too big for all the pretties out there. And even if I try to fit into the strappy ones, they just don't look like an aesthetic sight. Its like a clumpy dough being pushed through a strappy grater. Ew!

I really wanted to go all chic this year. Flowy tops. Hot pants. And strappy wedges. (One of the main reasons why I plan to get waxed this year) But alas, a nice pair of wedges are like a treasure hunt. I hope I find them before the hot pants season passes away....

The strappy wedges I desire

Another idea inspired from Henry Moore's sculptures

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